Monday, January 28, 2008

My Failed Perception As A Sensitive Writer

Dear Esteemed Friends and Colleagues:

I read and carefully reread the book -- "The Perfect Vehicle... What Is It About Motorcycles?" by Melissa Holbrook Pierson, and reviewed it on my blog. (Please see the previous story.) This was a legitimate attempt to deliver a useful article, that had something of value to the serious motorcycle rider.

It fell on its ass.

One anonymous reader commented that if they had known that I could write with this degree of sensitivity, we would have parted company years ago. There is a possibility that Leslie (my girlfriend who is currently keeping me on "double secret probation") left this comment. Two other reader comments dealt primarily with Ms. Pierson's opposition to the stance taken by the "Show Us Your Tit's" crowd.

Considering the poor reception this legitimate review drew from the general public, I am going back to writing true accounts of riding my bike through saloon windows, and waking up the next morning with topless dancers in wading pools filled with Jello.

It would appear that people who know me fully understand the depth of this sincerity business as far as I am concerned. The next story on my blog will be how a 1975 Kawasaki 750 became the ultimate sexual attractant for a beautiful woman who should have known better. The title of the piece at the moment is, "Disillusionment Comes With A Triple Exhaust."

The comment section on this blog has been adjusted to accept comments from all, including anonymous sources.

My new post will be up tomorrow, Tuesday, January 29, 2008.

Sincerely (Or Otherwise)
Jack Riepe
AKA The Lindbergh Baby (Mac-Pac)
AKA Vindak8r (Delphi)
PS (With A Shrug)


MackBeemer said...


You would have had at least one more positive comment had I been able to log on from home. The comment would have been to the effect that your first paragraph convinced me that I don't have to wait until I get a round tuit in the mail to order the book from

I don't agree with your detractors whoever they may be.

Your pal.

MackBeemer said...

I'd also add this: those who disparage male sensitivity bespeak a fear of their own feminine side. What is a wonder is how on earth they manage to use a keyboard with their knuckles dragging along the ground.

Anonymous said...

I think MacBeemer should stop wearing dresses only in private and dress like he really feels at the next regular club meeting.

MackBeemer said...

Okay A. Nony Mous, how'd you manage to get your knuckes out of the dust? Not long enough to spell my name correctly, I notice.

Anonymous said...


BMW-Dick said...

Holy crap, Jack. How did you instigate a battle royal on your blog.
I thought the book review was quaint and prissy, but it made me want to read the book while the weather is crappy and I can't get my bike out of the garage.
I can't believe you read a book where somebody doesn't get laid!

Anonymous said...

Mack - I am sorry I spelled your name wrong. I was just so excited that you finally came out of the closet that I couldn't help myself.
Signed - A. Nony Mous.

Anonymous said...

So this book sucks? Because she took a stand on not showing her chest?
I wonder what would happen if I started a poll on Motorcycle Views about what would someone do if a bunch of drunk guys at a bike rally asked you to show your boobs?
I'd probably get banned for life, that's what.

Anonymous said...

I just read your review of the book Jack. It was a very well written review. I will be buying the book from Amazon. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

mackbeemer, I would never disparage male sensitivity, but we're talking about Jack here whose gender has always been in question.

Jack I didn't think your review received a poor reception. The comment were pretty much on par as for all your offerings so far.

I happen to know that your middle name is 'Sensitivity'. It falls right between Machiavelli and Clemens.