Thursday, September 4, 2008

Addendum To Previous Post

While I tend to write from a peculiarly accurate perspective, I don’t often pay enough attention to photographic detail. I regret that the photographs in the previous story do not do justice to the bikes that were lined up in the diner parking lot for last month’s breakfast. If you have an interest in seeing that beautiful two-wheeled machinery, I would send you to the blog of riding pal and Mac-Pac member John Clauss. Mr. Clauss was part of the Great Centralia Ride, featured in last February’s BMW MOA Owner’s News magazine.

The blog is

It is necessary to scroll through the blog to about the third entry. Mr. Clauss also has a story on a mechanical workshop I conducted in my garage for the edification of novice Mac-Pac members on practical electrical theory. I got very little appreciation for my effort. In fact, I was scorned and the phrase "helpless idiot" was openly bandied.

Jack Riepe


John said...

Thanks for the plug Jack. I never called you a helpless idiot. I believe I muttered insipid bohunk, but that was all.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear John:

It was my pleasure.

Fondest regards,

Stephen said...

Love your site Jack, I found it through your comment on Sojourner's site.

I'm taking your advice and as soon as I am finished reading "The Man who walked through time" (Colin Fletcher), I will re-introduce myself to Twain with "Life on the Mississippi".

Ride Well


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Earl:

Welcome to "Twisted Roads," where everything is accurately depicted, with a twist. I'm glad you like my stuff. Please feel free to mention it to your friends.

I love Twain and just started rereading him again.

Just for leaving a comment, your name has been has been entered into the monthly "Free Eats" contest for September. You could win a $50 gift card to a chain restaurant just for posting.

Good riding and thanks for stopping by.

Fondest regards,