Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Slight Change in Rally Plans...

The K75 was wedged into a corner in the garage yesterday, and I gave it a shove to reach something behind it. There was the sound of a center stand folding and "Fireballs" lurched forward. I dropped my cane and grabbed the bike... But I was at an odd angle and wrenched my knee. I was advised to pack it in ice and to stay off it for a day.

That day is tomorrow... I will not be leaving the Allentown rest area at 10:30 AM on Wednesday, July 20, 2011. I'll be leaving on Thursday, at the crack of dawn. I regret the delay, but I don't want to push my luck.

See you at the rally...


mq01 said...

take care of that knee, and have a fabulous time at the rally!

BeemerGirl said...

But is "Fireballs" OK???


I'm sorry to hear that you tweaked your knee. Much rather it be your knee than your back, though.

Heal quickly. Don't give Leslie cause to pull that muzzle out with any incessant ringing of some summoning bell. :)

-Steel Cupcake

redlegsrides said...

I'm having more and more "senior" moments these days, thought the rally was last week!

Get well fast, your adoring public awaits....


Redleg's Rides

Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Ms. M:

I have it packed in ice and I am taking stuff. My departure time has been changed frm 7am today to 7am tomorrow. I am anticipating a great rally. The response to my seminar notices have been most gratifying, and it looks like standing room only.

Too bad you live on the other coast... There is always room for another Harley at these things.

Next year, I am riding out to California.

Fondest regards,

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Steel Cupcake (Lori):

I did not drop the K75, nor did I lean it againt the wall, which would have been smart. Instead, I twisted my knee. I will be fine, and will depart tomorrow on schedule.

Too bad you are not going to be at this raly. It is going to be a raging pisser of a good time... More than 10,000 registrants.

Next year, it will be Sedalia Mo. Closer to you?

Fondest regards,

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Dom):

I'm a tad gimpier this moprning, but rally preparations are moving ahead as planned. My entourage is still riding up with me and folks started assembling at the house last night.

ADK (Chris Wolfe) and Cantwell (Mike Cantwell) arrived last night, like wisps of smoke in the intense heat. The ambient thermometer on Chris's bike read 100º (F) on the Pennsylvania Turnpike last night, just south of the Lehigh Tunnel.

I too experienced some difficulty with the heat with Stiffie (Leslie) re-adjusted the air conditioning to 69º (F), up from 67º... But the lightheadedness soon passed.

This rally is going to be a pressure cooker, with temps as high as 96-98º(F) for the next few days.

Fondest regards,

RichardM said...

Sorry to hear about the twisted knee. And how can anyone survive in these horrible temperature/humidity. I thought that that the last rally in Bend was hot. We're heading to Bloomsburg on Thursday.

See you there...


Gary France said...

Knees are like women. The older you get the more trouble they are.

Knees are like getting a blowout at high speed. Get a bad one and you are in real trouble.

Knees are like ladies of the night. They often get knocked.

Knees are like bees. Not really, but it rhymes nicely.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Richard M.

I have no reason to believe I'll be anything more than a little inconvenienced by Thursday morning. We are departing West Chester at 7am tomorrow, and plan to be on the rally grounds by 10am, if not sooner. The heat for Thursday and Friday is slated to be 100º (F). This will be the best argument for scheduling future rallies for the last week of September.

You will be getting my schedule and my cell number by e-mail today. I held onto it to accommodate any last minute changes.

Fondest regards

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Gary:

The problem with my knees is that they are both shot anyway. I am less concerned with walking around, and more worried about getting that foot on and off the peg.

There is one fundamental difference between a wrenched knee and a former wife. The banged up knee represents a pain in a joint. My former wives tend to be pains in the ass.

Fondest regards,

BeemerGirl said...

So which is more expensive: some part for Fireballs or a knee replacement. Hmmm... ;)

And using all my willpower not to make some horrible smart ass remark about "standing room only". Simply because I would be there if I could, sitting on your left foot.

Missouri is doable. Unfortunately it isn't the distance, rather the time. Who knows...maybe I will be self-employed by that time next year and can make my own schedule. :)

Oilburner and I discussed the possibility of hitting the BRP in the Fall again and scooting up to see you and Leslie.

Heal and have fun!

-Steel Cupcake

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Steel Cupcake:

You'd be welcome anytime.

Fondest regards,

Canajun said...

Sorry to hear about your misfortune Jack, but do what the doc says and you'll be good as new, if a tad late.

Charles Virgin said...

Jack. Hopefully you are on your way by now and your knee is good to go. Have a GREAT time and take care of yourself. The next time she fall's just let her go. No need to enjure yourself any further. Take care my friend!!

Steve Williams said...

Sounds fishy to me. Actually sounds like something I would make up so I could ride to Bloomsburg in the air-conditioned comfort of my minivan instead of dealing with the blast furnace heat of the highway.

Who the hell schedules events in July? I can't wait for the cold weather to arrive so riding is fun.

Regardless, I will be there in the morning for enlightenment and spiritual realignment.

Put some ice on the knee and scotch down the hatch.

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks
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Judi said...

Wow too bad the rally is the week the temps decide to soar in Bloomsburg. Im only ten miles from there and today(friday) our high hit 115. Tell me the suits I see the BMW riders wearing as I go to work in my air conditioned car are cooled some how!!

Cantwell said...

I call bull shit...just sayin'.

Unknown said...


I'm on the road, so I just read your recent post. What kind of shit does BMW produce that you have to triple wrap your computer to keep it safe? Sounds like a freshman on prom night. Do your bags fall off regularly? Jesus, you seem pretty paranoid about losing them. You must have some seriously unfounded love for that k75. You know, models have been produced since the k75 - and from what I glean, they are less prone to falling apart.

Of course, I would trade the Connie for an 1200RT or k1600 (Which I eagerly await riding - if my father-in-law will let me near it when his finally arrives)

Still, it sounds like you forgot to mention tape in your packing scheme.

Good plan on the booze, though. I typically run plastic bottles, I heard it's the wave of the future. Riding solo seems like a luxury affair with boundless storage.

Sorry about your knee. Hope you enjoyed the rally. Look forward to hearing about it.

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