Sunday, December 11, 2011

Free Pick-Up And Delivery By Hermy's BMW and Triumph

Hermy’s BMW and Triumph Now Offers Free Pick-Up Delivery
Of Bikes Coming In For Service...

Port Clinton, Pa — Hermy’s BMW and Triumph, of Port Clinton, PA is offering free pick-up and delivery to bikers throughout southeast Pennsylvania, whose motorcycles are stranded in garages owing to mechanical issues or a sudden change in weather. An extremely mild fall extended the 2011 motorcycle riding season, prompting many riders to squeeze every last mile from tires, brakes, cables, and critical fluids — leaving some bikes mechanically compromised for even a short run. Other riders, convinced summer would last forever, are now facing sudden temperature drops, freezing rain, and even snow as barriers to critical motorcycle service.

“Starting December 6, 2011, we will pick up and deliver — free of charge — any motorcycle coming into this dealership for annual maintenance or repair service,” said Herman Baver, General Manager of Hermy’s BVMW and Triumph, the landmark motorcycle dealership in Port Clinton, Pa. “And we will do it for customers within a 100-mile radius of the shop.”

According to Baver, free pick-up and delivery, in his dealership’s fully enclosed two-rail trailer, eliminates rider anxiety associated with the potential for a mechanical issue en route to the dealership at the end of the riding season. “Some of these guys have squeezed the very last millimeter out the brake shoes or tires. Or for one reason or another, their bikes barely made it back to the garage. These riders aren’t looking forward to the very next run,” he said. “Our pick-up and delivery service eliminates any concerns they may have about getting stuck along the way.”

The free pick-up and delivery by trailer also allows Hermy’s to precisely schedule the ebb and flow of motorcycles through the service department. “We have a tsunami of motorcycles in for service during the first two weeks of April as every rider and his brother wants to get out on the first nice day,” said Baver. “This leads to bottlenecks that can extend throughout the next month. Why not have us pick up your bike now, and get it all tuned up and ready to go. That way, you can be out and on the road in March if we have a soft winter.”

The scope of the 100-mile radius of this free pick-up and delivery service is mind- boggling. Technically speaking, it extends from Harrisburg to Philadelphia. To avoid deadheading over long distances with an empty (or partially empty trailer), Hermy’s reserves the right to schedule multiple pick-ups and deliveries whenever practical. “Service doesn’t begin and end at our bay doors,” said Baver. “A motorcycle is a lifestyle and we want to be part of yours. This means being part of the solution of any rider’s challenges.”

With 18 days left before Christmas, a Hermy’s Gift Certificate in any denomination is a perfect gift for the rider in your life. Good for gear, accessories, or service, A Hermy’s gift certificate can be tailored to match the most extravagant budget, or that of the tightest college student. And they are always the right size, the right color, and the right choice.

For more information, visit or contact:
Hermy’s BMW and Triumph, Route 61, Port Clinton, Pa
(just a minute or so north of I-78 in Hamburg, Pa.)

610-562--7303 or go to:


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