Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Change In Riding Plans This Spring...

Last week started with a loud pop, not unlike the sound of a cork exiting a champagne bottle. I was out and about with a close friend who remarked, “Did that sound come from your hip?”

It was the left hip to be exact, and my next step (a cross between a limp and a bridge collapse) reflected the jolt of pain that followed the sound effects. Unlike previous jolts, this one lingered for a day or two, as the hip joint took its time in resetting. A visit to my orthopedic specialist resulted in an x-ray that looked like a crime scene photograph.

“This is a normal hip joint,” said the doctor, manipulating a scale skeletal model depicting the bone structure of an 18-year-old competitive pole vaulter. The joint moved smoothly and with the kind of precision reflected by a half-million years of bone evolution. Yet I couldn’t help wondering what happened to the rest of the “pole vaulter” that only this section of his left hip remained on display in a medical office. I wondered if I’d visited a urologist would a perfect model of male genitalia be on the guy’s desk.

“This is your left hip,” said the doctor, using a pointer to highlight the ghostly white spots of a film that hung over an illuminated panel. The x-ray depicted the hip bone of a brontosaurus that had been pickled in brine. “In a worst case scenario, the joint is reduced to a cartilage-free assembly of a loose bone-on-bone connection, that may audibly grate as it generates pain. Your hip has replaced the cartilage with broken Coke bottle glass and carved the rounded ball joint into a perfect cube.”

The doctor frowned and added, “If you were a horse, I would just shoot you now.”

The past two years has been an ongoing attempt to halt the spread of the arthritis with various formulas of Glucosamine, Chondrotin, fish oil, snake oil, herbal teas, honey and vinegar, juice from South America, real drugs and exotic massages from a place in Philly. The result has been a losing battle as the disease has made slow headway in both knees, both hips, and other joints as well. Compounding the problem is a body chemistry that absorbs fat calories from the air. Consequently, my options are limited. According to my orthopedic specialist, the only mechanical joint that will effortlessly function in my body now is nose gear from a Boeing 747.

Part of my arthritic evaluation was a process that measures the restricted mobility of various joints. It appears I’ve suffered a loss of motion that makes it almost impossible for me to get my left foot on the high peg of my beloved K75. BMW’s have fairly high pegs enabling the motorcycle to nail 46-degree curves without scraping anything. (The left peg on my bike is three inches below my left ear.) In prior years, the joint seemed to stretch as I rode more often. That is no longer the case. A friend of mine, Mike Evans, recently stated that the rigid nature of my left leg gives me a strange stance in the saddle. He followed me for 30 miles one day, convinced I was about to make a right turn at any second.

My first thought was to lower certain aspects of my K75, such as rebuilding the forks and carving the seat. (This is already a “low seat” version of this model.)Yet options for lowering the pegs are either not practical nor economically feasible. (I have exhausted all reasonably priced options for dropping the pegs on a K75. There are none.) In fact, I am opposed to dramatically altering the geometry of this fine motorcycle for what may amount to one or two more riding seasons. The only option that seems to make sense is switching to another bike. I tried a “cruiser” with a seat that was as low to the ground as a bull dog’s nuts. This didn’t work either. The far forward controls pose a different set of challenges to these knees.

On a hunch, I sat on a 2004 BWM K1200 with lowered forks, a lowered seat, and lowered pegs — with a lot less difficulty. This motorcycle is somewhat longer, heavier, and more powerful than the K75. In fact, it has a 60 horsepower advantage over my current bike, which is something I would just have to get used to. (The thought of being able to accelerate quicker and go faster — shedding a year in age for each mile per hour over the 100 mark — holds little appeal for me. Furthermore, I’d have no interest in owning a bike that would make me feel like I was 17-years-old just by looking at it. Nor would I lend any consideration to the fact that the 2003, 2004, and 2005 K1200s are the most beautiful “K” bikes to claw their way out of the Teutonic design suite.)

If I had to have a 2004 BMW K1200, however, there would have to be some modifications. The most practical of these would be in lowering the pegs, the forks and the seat, so I didn’t need a step to mount it. As members of my riding club — the renegade Mac-Pac — are quick to point out, a lowered bike shouldn’t impact my riding style, as I have to take a curve at 30 degrees, let alone 46. There are plenty of existing kits for lowering K1200 pegs that do not require the services of a machine shop and the skill of a tool and die maker. Lowering the forks would also allow me to custom choose the ridel, while the saddle would eventually go to the folks at Russell Day Long. My thought is to end up with a hot-looking BMW that is only about 27 or 28 inches above the ground, with pegs that do not require me cover my ears with my knees.

My K75 was a labor of love and reflects it with a ton of custom extras incorporated into its frame. A K1200 would follow the same pattern. My choice of a color would be the rare “Orient Blue” or a “Jet Black.” On the gas tank would be an air-brushed black widow spider (in some shade of deep red), with the telltale hourglass in black or orient blue on it’s abdomen. The factory panniers would be in the flattest of black paints, each adorned with a white skull and cross-bones. The license plate would read, “POIZN.”

I would eventually equip the bike with a Russell saddle, PIA HID lights, Moto -Lights (mounted on the front brakes), and another set of LED riding lights. This would require a custom side-bar light mount (similar to that on the new K1600s.) I’d also want a heated seat and a digital thermometer for ambient temperature. This would be my second “dream” bike. There is nothing prohibitively expensive about acquiring and equipping this machine... I just can’t own two motorcycles, especially if it is painful to ride one of them. This will mean selling the K75, something I swore I wouldn’t do.

I am now onto several potential candidates for a K1200, which means the time has come to list the K75. I am planning to list it through a local dealer this week. The machine is a 1995, BMW K75 — Low Seat Model — in “Mystic Red,” with 25,126 actual miles on the speedometer. It’s extras include:

Inspection/Registration: current
Condition: Very, very good — Garage kept, never dropped

• Eastern Beaver Relay in headlight
• Moto-lights ($450) - separate relay
• PIA HID lights ($650) - separate relay
• 36 Flashing LEDs auxiliary stoplight ($100)
• 36 50% running lights, 100% stoplight LEDS on plate bracket ($135)
— 72 extra LEDs total —
• Centech Auxiliary fuse box
• Russell Day-Long Saddle (electrically heated)
• Auxiliary volt-meter
• Fork Boots
• Works Perfomance Shock
• Square custom mirrors
• Stone Guard for throttle bodies
• Parabellum Scout Fairing (Tinted Plexiglass - clear spare included)
• “Authority Style” crash bars (powder coated black)
• Muffler -- Jet Hot Black
• Factory sidebags (really tight mountings)
• Factory topcase
• Pigtail for tender connection or heated gear
• 6,200 miles on the tires
• New Front Brakes in 2010
• New clutch cable
• Clear plastic belt buckle scratch guard on tank (at seat)
• RAM mount for GPS

Above: Left side of "Fireballs," the legendary 1995 BMW K75 of song and story. Note PIA H.I.D. lights mounted on rare "authority" bars, powder-coated in black. Light switch is integrated in dash panel.

Above: Right side of "Fireballs." Note theme of "Black and Red" is carried through to the Moto-Lights mounted on the front brake caliper mounts. The width of the Russell-Day-Long Saddle is enhanced by the fact it is a heated seat.

Above: The business end of "Fireballs." One of the last low-mileage K75's in existence... And a real find equipped like this one.

Above: "Fireballs" wearing her traveling bags. All three keyed to the ignition lock.

This motorcycle has been featured in my column BMW MOA’s publication — The Owner’s News (ON) — and has been regularly profiled on “Twisted Roads.”

Asking $4200... Interested parties contact:
No international sales...


RichardM said...

The world must really be ending in 2012 as I didn't think you would ever sell that bike. Beautiful bike and it should really sell fast at that price. Especially with all the additions.

Unknown said...


I am so sorry to hear this, and the sale of your beloved K75 Fireballs, something you had sworn NEVER to EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER do. It looks gorgeous. Whomever buys it will be a lucky person.

When you get your K1200xx, we are hoping that you take your first ride accross the Country to Oregon where you will be welcomed like a Roman Emperor at our modest IMBC2012 gathering, during July, 2012

this is indeed a SAD day

Riding the Wet Coast

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Richard M:

I don't want to sell it... But I can't easily ride it... And I can't afford two motorcycles. And it took me so long to get it equipped like this, that I have no interest in pulling stuff off of it to sell it for less. You could ride this bike across the country in a heartbeat... And that is one of the things I want to do this summer. And to do that, I am going to need a lower bike.

And now I lay in bed at night dreaming of that damn K1200. This bike will hold 100 mph all day, and not get hot nor burn an ounce of oil. It has zero vibration and runs like it is just broken in — which is sort of the truth.

This is an ideal machine for a guy who wants to go for short weekend runs of 1400 miles, and hold 85mph most of the day, without once looking down at the tach.

If my hip wasn't so bad, I'd have this bike forever.

Nice to hear from you.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Jack Riepe said...

Dear BobSkoot:

It would be sad if I wasn't ever going to ride again... But I'd cut my own throat before I gave into that.

I need a lower bike, and I have a thing for the BMW K1200. (K Bikes are just fucking hot.)Technically speaking, the 2004 K1200 is every bit as tall as the K75... But they sold more of them, and they are a lot younger, which means I can find one with decent mileage, and drop it a couple of inches, with an existing kit.

The really bad news is that considering the way I love to ride, a K1200 will either kill me or expose me to police office gunfire. And it is in anticipation of a ride out west that I thinking of a lower, faster bike.

The truth, however, is that if my hips and knees were in better shape, this K75 would be my first choice on a run to Eureka, Ca. This bike has no vibration at all at either medium or sustained high speeds.

Good to hear from you, Bob. I have been following your adventures from Hawaii.

Twisted Roads

mq01 said...

:( im sorry jack. fortunately there are other profiles and stances that are will still ride and this is good news. and if/when two wheels doesnt feel good, then consider three. :)

ps, i have a similar dr appt this very afternoon, sigh...

pps, my uncle is suffering from degen bone disease with chronic pain and paralysis setting in. so what did he do, after yrs of not riding, he bought himself a duc! :) !!! now im not saying you should buy a duc (lol), just saying its fabulous to still have options!

im loving the k1200 in blue personally...

word veri: shedd?

Orin said...

Jack, a very nice looking bike. Hope you get the price you want, from someone who will appreciate what they have.

I'm toying with the idea of listing the GTS. We'll see.

Scootin' Old Skool

Cantwell said...

Dear Jack,

I have rarely shed a tear in regards to anything that you have written. This is one of those occasions, having known you as long as I have, that I shed a tear. This bike was your life blood and to be forced to give it up because of a nagging handicap was a decision that must stick like a sword in the side.

If you want, you can ride my beautiful 1993 K75. Maybe.

A bit verclempt,

Jack Riepe said...

Dear mq01:

I found myself looking at a great 2004 BMW K1200 in Orient Blue, with fairly low mileage and an amazing list of options. And yet, all I could think of was, "What would mq01 think of me if I pulled up on this rig in her native California?"

Then I thought, "What would she think if I pulled up and said, 'Hey mq01... Want to go for cocktails in San Francisco?'"

Then I thought, "Suppose I say all that and she beats the shit out of me?"

My favorite is the Orient Blue too.

Thanks for the note of sympathy.

Fondest regards,

Dan Mckenzie said...

Dang, I'd be at your front (or back) door with cash in hand if I hadn't just bought my new F800ST!!! It'll sell before your keyboard stops rattling!!

So I take it they won't be rebuilding you?

"we can rebuild him, faster, stronger, better looking..."

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Orin:

Part of me is hoping I get stuck with this bike forever... Because it is a BMW classic. It will go like bloody hell with an engine that is not likely to need the valves ADJUSTED until 150,000 miles.

These "K" bikes have a kind of whine to them that is not replicated in the K1200s. And while the K1200's will rip the balls from your back... They do not do so minus vibration.

Thank you for the note of sympathy.

Fondest regards,

Roger said...

No international sales? What? Bugger!!!

May you have a lot of fun searching for the next "topic" of future bogs.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Mike Cantwell:

I am nowhere near the end of my riding story. In fact, the best parts are just ahead. I really liked it when you and I rode together as the "K75" contingent.

You knew what these things could do... And you knew what we'd do on them. The only challenge now is to acquire the K1200 and get started on the modifications.

But the next time we ride we'll still be an all German gang, unless Chris Wolf joins us on the Yellow Peril. Quite frankly, my mind is dazzled by the prospect of getting int trouble with a K1200. These are the official bikes of Clyde and Pete Buchheit.

Pete has an RS with a seat that would aggravate my ass. But Clyde's rig is really cool, except for the stupid windscreen he put on it.

Then again, I have no mechanical skill, and the thought of starting again to build a signature bike is a little depressing.

Still, I will be riding in the Adirondacks this summer.

I'll give you a call tonight.

Fondest regards,

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Dan:

LOL!!!! You'd have been disappointed in the comparison between rides. The K75 is the ultimate in Old World motorcycling, though the design and construction of this rig was far ahead of its time. The F800ST is classic example of BMW's new rocket sleds.

My pal Bregstein had a F800ST that put him through the side of a house. He still speaks of it lovingly.

Whatever I get this spring, I hope to pass through your neck of the woods on my way out west. I want to ride a BMW right up to a bar in San Francisco.

Fondest regards,

Jack Riepe said...


Thanks for the note of encouragement... My next bike has some challenging spot to fill in the stable.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Nikos said...

To think that I touched Thunderballs at Bloomsberg - what a pity that I did not get my leg over...

You will find the new K machines with their superb and unique suspension a revelation in handling and road holding.

Bravo Jack!

best wishes from brass monkey England, N

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Nikos:

I will be thrilled to just get my foot up to the peg, and bend this hip enough to cut up rough on the interstate for the next three or four years.

Then again, just once in my life, I want to wring one of these things out in the 130 mph category. Just once.

Fondest regards,

Fondest regards,

nhdude said...

Jack... anyone who has read your musings knows how much Fireballs means to you and how letting her go must pull at your heart strings. But, here's wishing you a steamy, hot, new romance with that K12! And, that K75 will not last long... what a beauty!

gary5410 said...

You better get busy with this deal.....dinner in Yellowknife is July 28th. I am expecting to see you there :-)

Gary Christman

Anonymous said...

I share your pain, two ways - I loved my K75RT, and I've had arthritis for the past 19 years.
I recently found a chiropractic/naturopathic/acupuncture/mystic doc in Atlanta who worked wonders on me. He had me feeling better after one hour than I’ve felt in years. You might want to give something like that a try.
And since you’re now writing classified ads masquerading as blogs, I trust you won’t mind my mentioning that I sell heated motorcycle gear at It feels great on arthritic knees.

Steve Williams said...

Now's my chance to become a man...

Jack Riepe said...

Dear NHDude:

I feel like I have been in training to swim the English Channel for the past four years, only to learn I am allergic to salt water.

But things could be worse... I am not throwing in the towel, and I am looking forward to a full summer of riding.

And there is a distinct possibility that I could get this K1200 completely modified the way I want within a single year. Who knows?

Thank for you encouraging note.

Fondest regards,

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Gary:

With any degree of luck, I"ll be riding to Yellowknife on a real screamer. And hopefully, I won't be the one screaming.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Shango:

Thanks for the recommendation... I'll try anything short of marriage one more time. I am amazed at the number of riders who are dealing with arthritis issues... Some better than others. I looked up your site and sent you a note.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Steve:

Riding any BMW will make you a man. Riding this one will make you an ├╝ber man.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Chris said...

Good luck with the sale Jack. I look forward to seeing your new K1200.

BeemerGirl said...


Will the new one be called "Big Balls"? Ball in the Corner Pocket?

I'm sorry the pain in the hips has gotten so bad that it I s forcing you into this position. But think of the adventures the next one will put your through.

Good luck with getting Fireballs to a good home. And picking up a new project.

Steel Cupcake

Jim L said...

Not to speak heresy, but have you sat on a low suspension RT? The boxer has a lot of character...I feel your pain though,ok, not your pain, but mine. I had anterior cervical fusion(3 levels) on Jan 5. I haven't told the doc I ride, I don't think I will.

Jim L said...

Oh yeah, good luck with the K1200 and your hip.

Conchscooter said...

I enjoyed the ride into your garage alongside Fireballs. I look forward to similar long distance rides in the not too distant future.

Bluekat said...

She sure is one lovely bike! I'm sorry to hear the news. Hopefully the new bike will help to ease the pain.

Gotta say the K1200 should look pretty damn hot lowered! So whaddya want, a bike that can lean at ridiculous angles or to be smokin' hot on a low ridin' machine? ;)

All my best

Unknown said...

I'm sorry, but right now I'm in the middle of a very lucid dream sequence because I know this isn't happening. Actually, I heard that you can't read while you're dreaming, so maybe I had an aneurysm or my wife slipped some inspiration (antifreeze) into my morning tea. Not sure what to say. "Holy tap dancing Christ" comes to mind, though it doesn't fully sum up the situation.

I know you love that bike as irrationally as the people who pay for the service at As irrationally as (to use another pet comparison) the people who shave their animals and have scarves made from their fur.

So, I think I'll wait to see if I survive the afternoon and check back on this later. If I die, I'd leave you my F650, but the seat (which has so little space for your balls, it actually stores them in another dimension) probably wouldn't work with your... body type and ... ossular situation.

Behind Bars

redlegsrides said...

Sorry to hear your hip is giving you so many troubles Jack.

I too was shocked to see you listing Fireballs for sale, I wonder if whomever buys it understands the legacy and responsibility he is taking on?

I know this is anathema to you, but consider perhaps that beautiful K1200 with a nice sidecar attached. I think it would take some pressure from the hip joint and it'd be easier to board her as well.

Some links for your perusal:


Cante Classic
Link to Cante Classic

LeFevre Design
Link to LeFevre

Here's hoping you feel better....I know you'll make sure Fireballs goes to a deserving owner who'll take care of her.


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Dom):

These sidecars are certainly cool, but I am still far from the hack rig though. In fact, my firsr choice would probably be a Hannigan Trike (BMW conversion).

I want to beat this arthritis deal and plan to do so... Though the outcome gets a little less sure everytime. I really love my K75... And cannot fault its performance. But I am very much intrigued by the K1200 prospects. Oddly enough however, I am hearing plenty from riders I respect, claiming that an "R" bike will be better suited to my knees.

This is going to get interesting.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Brady:

I love that K75, but I loving riding long distances even more. I want to get on a bike at the beach at Cape May, NJ and ride to Eureka, CA. And quite frankly, I want to challenge the highway radar in a lot of places in between. I have always loved the K1200 models and regard them as the most beautiful of BMW bikes. They are the last of the roundish "K" bikes that were replaced by the more angular "Terminator" models.

But, there is a lot of work to be done in the meantime... And I have to get this pain under control.

Thanks for writing in and for reading Twisted Roads.

Fondest regards,

Jack Riepe said...

Dear BlueKat:

I raised the question of a loweed frame or the capability to take hotter turns and my club members just laughed. I am known as the man with a leaning disability.

I am hearing reports, however, that the K1200 is a thin man's bile, and that I might do a lot better on one of the more iconic "R" bikes. This is like being told I have to change my sexual orientation.

This is going to be an interesting spring.

Thanks for reading my sad tale of woe and for leaving a comment.

Fondest regards,

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Conchscooter:

I will not consign my soul to hell until I have ridden into Key West on a screaming BMW "K" bike, with a police escort in my wake. Naturally, I'll be dropping your name around the courthouse.

Thank you for your warm note of support.

Fondest regards,

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Jim Lagnese:

Thank you for reading Twisted Roads and for writing in. You are but one of a growing movement directing me to BMW's iconic "R" bikes, which are said to be lighter, with lower centers of gravity, with more leg rom, and lower pegs. But I mean, "R" bikes? Aaaaaaaargh! Coal fired and cooled with whale oil.

Still... I bet I could be the firsrt moto-writer to get laid on an "R" bike.

Fondest regards,

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Beemer Girl:

How nice to hear from you! The name "Big Balls" is taken. I retired my GMC Suburban, and replaced it with a Ford 150 pick-up. That rig is now "Big Balls."

I will either call the new rig "Power Baslls" or "Poizn." Its too soon to tell though. Then again, no one may be interested in "Fire Balls." I may end up with her for another season.

Thanks for writing in.
Fondest regards,

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Chris:

Thank you for reading my sad tale and writing in. I hope to be passing out your way this summer on my new rig.

Fondest regards,

Jim L said...

Well, if you mean literally, I suppose it could be true. I am way too big to try such gymnastics on any bike, let alone an R bike. As far as coal and whale oil goes, I asked for that option when I bought my Chevy Suburban. Unfortunately Obama had gotten to GM and they discontinued that option.

If you wait long enough, there will be a water cooled R bike, but I have a feeling you want a replacement sooner. For those short of inseam, HD makes the Fat Boy® Low, but that bike is wood fired and it's a real pain to have to stop for kindling every 100 miles. May be the K bike is ok after all.

Anonymous said...

Nice two wheeled kiddie car for sale, kid!

Is you stugeon(sic) able to do anything to ease your arthritic pain, aside from suggesting you lose some excess (is there any?)weight.

Is some form of surgery possible to ensure your hips do not do stupid things ever again? surgery can perform miracles Jack, even with you...

Look at it this way, the big problem is getting on and off the machine, so pack a large three legged tripod crane where ever you go and use the crane to lift yourself up and on the the seat. And off again.

Now this may have logistical limitations however any fool can write himself out of his problems. Even you! Buy whatever your little cotton pea pickin' heart desires; just remember you bought it and you have to mount and dismount the bloody thing...

As to the little BMW: does it have balloon tires and would it be suitable for use in my potting shed, as a plant stand??

The red colour would go well with my geraniums.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Jim Lagnese:

I have heard from about 10 or 15 experienced riders that an "R" bike in the "RT" range is right up my alley. I've heard they are lighter, have a lower center of gravity, have more leg room, and get challenged less when pulling up at the early bird salad bar at 3:45pm.

While this all sounds great, I still want a motorcycle with a proper cooling system that will also get me laid. The new 2012 "R" bikes will have a great water-cooled system, just like my 1986 K75. But nothing in the BMW line-up looked as perfect as the 2003/2004 K1200GTS.

Thanks for reading and for writing in.

Fondest regards,

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Bryce:

Are you Canadian? My insurance company is screaming that my arthritis is a preexisting condition, and that $300,000 worth of operations is not their responsibility. I am covered for ebola and clap, however, provided I get these on a Friday, in New Orleans.

My club designed a step that I rode with for years. I'd reel it in after mounting, and stow it in my top case. I expect to alleviate my riding pain through an accelerated weight loss program, and by getting a Teutonic marvel that is lower to the ground at the seat and at the pegs.

You ought to get one too. The geraniums will never look the same.

Thanks for reading and for writing in.

Fondest regards,

I can tell that you do not normally ride a BMW... As you would use it to plow your geraniums at 97 mph.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bryce:

Are you Canadian? My insurance company is screaming that my arthritis is a preexisting condition, and that $300,000 worth of operations is not their responsibility.

...As a matter of fact yes, living in Ontario about 35 miles west of megaloposis madness. Why do you ask?

My club designed a step that I rode with for years. I'd reel it in after mounting, and stow it in my top case. I expect to alleviate my riding pain through an accelerated weight loss program, and by getting a Teutonic marvel that is lower to the ground at the seat and at the pegs.

Accelerrated weight loss eh? If you disappear some day, don't blame us. Weight increases as you mature and your body's internal bones don't want to listen.
That jouit popping out of the sockets must have really hurt..
Maybe you local BMW can put you on a hoist and replace the ball and socket with a nice clean Universal joint made by BMW? Lot's of blood and gore however it will outlast you!

I can tell that you do not normally ride a BMW... As you would use it to plow your geraniums at 97 mph.

You ought to get one too. The geraniums will never look the same.

...Let' see 97mph is just a wee bit less than 100km/hour. Too slow for riding around here, you'd get squashed by a passing VW Bug or Mini Cooper.

And due to the aftereffects ofthree years of chemo plus Lupus plus a whole host of other maladies not health care system free or otherwise could ever repair, sold my beloved 1981 Honda GoldWing two years ago. It was altered to fit me; sadly no other machine is big enough for me or comfortable enough in the current realm. You'd understand being a qualified journalist of some note.

Cy Ubinger said...

Selling Blue Balls? The Devil himself is wearing a tuuk and strapping on the hockey skates! And contemplating an "R" bike as well. Are you aware sir, that Abraham Lincoln rode to his own inaugural induction astride an iconic R bike? OF course the Pride of Deutchland back then had a snowflake patterned front wheel that was over 6' tall.

Another selling point of the K75 is the custom seat. why, that thing is so wide, the bike looks like it's taking flight even while standing still. I'm betting you had to get a bigger alternator just to power the seat heater.

Good luck in your endevors. I hope you can use my place here in Cleveland as a layover on your way west. There will be cigars, whisky, and women awaiting you. (It is Cleveland, don't set your expectations too high)


Allen Madding said...


Sorry to here the hip is doing its thing. Even sorrier to hear you are going to have to part ways with Fireballs. Hope the K1200 turns out to be more enjoyable and a lot easier to mount and dismount. I strongly support doing what you have to do to keep riding.


Jerry "Bull" Quinn said...

Good lord Jack! You and I are in the same boat. I'm 6'4" and about 300lbs. My orthopedist has been squirting that "Chicken-juice" in my knees for a while now and I had my right hip replaced last year.
Gotta tell ya, it's true Jack! Like everyone said, after the surgery I was amazed at how much better I felt. And how much I wished I had done it years before!
Is hip replacement surgery NOT an option for you? Even with hip replacement you wouldn't be able to ride a bike with the pegs positioned like a sport bike's. But you can ride something else comfortably.
I ride, "Oh, Wicked Wanda" a 2009 Harley Heritage Softail. I call her, "Oh, Wicked Wanda" because just like that Penthouse Cartoon, she's sleek and sexy and makes me want to do wrong!
Sorry to hear of your LOST LOVE. But hay, maybe it's time for a new love to enter the picture. If ya get anywhere near Nashville Tn. Let me know.

J. "Bull" Quinn.

Classicvelocity said...

Dear Jack,

Sorry to hear that the K75 is moving on. Somehow that bike is synonymous with you. That said, glad you are seeking another BMW. For a moment there I thought you were heading toward a maxi scooter....

I applaud your resolve to stay on two wheels.....